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It's Time To Act Now!
Somehow, in the midst of a global pandemic, this small mom and pop shop has busted out at the seams and has achieved such success it's actually planning to open a second location! With that said, the team will need financial help getting the second location up and running. Smallwares, furnishings, pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies are all examples of what's needed. Can you help build Les Sisters #2?
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Les Sisters' #2 Fundraiser
Fundraiser Campaign hosted by Les Sisters' Southern Kitchen
Raised $5,100
Goal $10,000
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For over 35 years, Les Sisters' Southern Kitchen & BBQ has been cooking the best cajun and soul cuisine in the greater San Fernando Valley. This small but mighty restaurant has become a neighborhood community landmark as the family reins have been passed down 3 generations. Current owner and granddaughter Jessica Huling holds down the family's operation with love and care, and passed down family recipes with intentions of bringing the Huling legacy to another level.
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