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Addis NOLA is about community, culture, family, and food. Our vision is to connect those points between our homeland of Ethiopia and our new home, New Orleans. In just two short years we've become a household name and a staple in our city. As a small Black-owned family business in New Orleans, we are faced with adversity and challenges on a daily basis but our vision will always continue to grow and with you a part of our journey it will thrive!
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When she opened her Ethiopian restaurant Addis NOLA last spring, Biruk Alemayehu said that eating the food of her homeland means "not only having a relationship with it, but also deepening the relationship between those you are dinning with.” You eat with your hands, tearing off pieces of injera bread to be used as edible utensils, making a connection with the food, and typically several dishes are served on the same plate so you are exercising a tradition built on sharing, trust, and love. That is what Addis NOLA is bringing to the edge of mid-city with this fun fare.

Join and invest in our Addis family and help us take this vision further.

Within the next year we plan to:

1. Prospect and develop a concept for our next location.
2. Develop our outdoor seating area to accommodate more guests with appropriate
spacing to dine safely.
3. Further establish and develop our Ethiopian Honey Wine production and Addis Bar
4. Increase and train our staff at the highest level.
5. Increase our Ethiopian coffee roast production with intentions to ship nationally.

New Orleans, though considered one of the greatest culinary cities in the world, heavily lacks distinct African restaurants. Due to this shortcoming, we've made it a part of our mission to represent the culture and connect with our community in doing so. Join us in this journey and let's make our city a better place because of it!
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