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It's Time To Act Now!
50Kitchen opened in February of 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic shut the country down, and hurt small businesses everywhere. 50Kitchen needs any and all the support we can get to help the business. With the funds raised through this campaign, we will help pay for staff and inventory so that our wonderful patrons can continue enjoying 50Kitchen.
Additional ways to Support
50Kitchen’s Fundraiser
Fundraiser Campaign hosted by 50 Kitchen
Raised $5,300
Goal $10,000
Supported by
50Kitchen is a Southern American and Asian American Fusion restaurant.
It's a place that represents second chances and the power of community.

The journey to owning my own restaurant has had many ups and downs.
I overcame alcohol addiction, made it through incarceration and so many other obstacles, and adversities but by God's grace, I made it through.
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